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Response to Intervention
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Cathy Stankard
75 South Street, Suite 2, Gorham ME 04038

Phone: (207) 222-1025
FAX: (207) 839-5001
Through our Response to Intervention (RTI) process we are using our existing resources differently to diagnostically assess student needs, provide interventions, monitor progress, and make decisions based on data.  Our goals are:
To intervene early, as students begin not meeting standards
To monitor student response to an intervention and use the data to determine next steps
To provide teachers with the resources, structure and support that they need to differentiate and meet the needs of each student
To deliver focused, explicit, research-based intervention to “close the gap” in a timely way (when needed)
To advance the district goal toward more students meeting the standards in literacy (and numeracy).

We have developed a three-tiered process to guide our work.

Tier 1
4 – 6 weeks duration
Tier 2
6-8 weeks duration
Tier 3

Classroom Teacher, Parent or student identifies academic and/or social, emotional, behavioral concerns for students who are not meeting the standard(s).
Classroom teacher reviews file; seeks resource personnel to help determine classroom intervention(s).   
The classroom teacher works with student, monitors progress, communicates with parents.  The teacher documents progress using Student Support Intervention Form.  
If this intervention is successful, the form is given to the Guidance Counselor and placed in the cumulative folder.  If the intervention is not successful, this form is attached to the RTI Referral Form and given to the Instructional Strategist
The RTI Team convenes to determine student needs and next steps.  The referring teacher brings data on strategies implemented and student progress to the team meeting.
If needed, the team will develop a personal learning plan to address the identified needs and monitor progress.  A Tier Two contact person will be designated.  The team will review progress every four weeks to determine next steps.  At least two interventions will be attempted prior to Tier Three.  Parents will receive copies of paperwork and progress.
The team reconvenes to discuss student(s) who continue having difficulty after at least two interventions on their personal learning plan.  Parents are invited to this meeting.
During this meeting, the team reviews data and considers whether a referral for a special education evaluation is needed to determine if a disability exists.  
If a Special Education referral is made, the team identifies a referral question and the regulatory special education process is followed.

If you are interested in learning more about RTI in any of our schools, please contact:

Great Falls School
73 Justice Way
Gorham, Maine  04038
Instructional Strategist
(207) 222-1049
Narragansett School
284 Main Street
Gorham, Maine  04038
Instructional Strategist
(207) 222-1282
Village School  
12 Robie Street
Gorham, Maine  04038
Instructional Strategist
(207) 222-1358
Gorham Middle School
106 Weeks Road
Gorham, Maine  04038
Instructional Strategist
(207) 222-1220

Gorham High School
41 Morrill Avenue
Gorham, Maine  04038
Instructional Strategist
(207) 222-1161

Parents and guardians have the right to refer their child to determine eligibility for Special Education should they suspect that their child has a disability that requires specialized instruction.   If at any time a guardian feels that a referral to Special Education is needed, please contact the Instructional Strategist or Building Principal of your child's school.  

Last Modified: Mar 09, 2016
The Gorham schools are committed to the belief that all of our students will find success in school