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Standards Based Reporting
at Gorham Schools

SBR is part of a reporting system designed to provide accurate information to parents and students about achievement in relation to our state and district learning standards.  The Maine Learning Results, adopted in 1997, provide the foundation of what students are to know and be able to do. These were modified with more specific information called: Parameters for Essential Instruction.

In a Standards Based Report, ratings reflect student achievement in relation to grade level or course expectations.  Progress is measured using a variety of formal and informal assessments.  Progress is measured toward the end-of-year standards but is based upon what teachers expect at each reporting time of the year!  Other skills, such as attitude, participation, effort and work habits are reported separately.

SBR Update - October 2010

SBR Update - January 2010

SBR Update - Fall 2009

SBR Update - Spring 2008

Standards Based Reporting Presentation a presentation prepared by Lila Mitchell at GMS - October 2009

Common Core State Standards Initiative Frequently Asked Questions

Sample SBR Reports

Last Modified: Oct 03, 2010
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