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Gorham Schools
School Committee

School Committee Meeting Information

The public is welcome and invited to attend school committee meetings.  The School Committee appreciates visitors from the public and trust your attendance will be beneficial to both you and them.  They feel it is very important for interested persons to know about the workings of our school system and for the committee to be aware of what is important to the community of Gorham.  You are invited to participate in the meeting in accordance with the policy and rules established by the committee.

* Meetings are in Council Chambers @ 7:00pm unless otherwise noted

* Meetings are in Superintendent's Conference Room @ 7:00pm unless otherwise noted

101509_91830_1.pngThe Gorham School Committee meets at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month in the Gorham Town Council Chambers and holds workshop sessions on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  Agendas are prepared by the Superintendent and Committee Chair and are published at least three weekdays in advance of each meeting and are posted in the Superintendent's office, at each school, Gorham Town Hall, the local cable network, and in area newspapers.
Town Council Regular Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month in the Shaw Municipal Center - Council's Chambers at 7p.m.    

School Committee Members

Timothy Burns
92 Gordon Farms Rd.
Kyle Currier
6 Aspen Lane
Dennis Libby, Vice Chair
9 Queen Street
Stewart McCallister
157 Flaggy Meadow Rd.
Sara Nelson
20 Black Brook Rd.
Suzanne Phillips
108 Harding Bridge Rd
Darryl Wright, Chair
32 Elkins Rd.

2015-2016 Sub-Committees & Members


Tim Burns*
Dennis Libby
Darryl Wright

Dennis Libby*
Suzie Phillips
Sean Curran

Sara Nelson*
Kyle Bailey
Suzie Phillips

School Committee Duties and Responsibilities

Maine State law charges school committees with the responsibility to manage the schools.  This is done essentially by selecting a Superintendent and providing him/her with the authority and direction.  It is not the duty of the committee to operate the schools, but to see that they are well operated.

The committee concerns itself primarily with broad questions of policy rather than with administrative details.  The application of policies is an administrative task to be performed by the Superintendent and his/her staff, who shall be held responsible for the effective administration and supervision of the entire school system.

Members of the committee have authority only when acting as a committee legally in session.  The committee shall not be bound in any way by an action or statement of an individual member except when such statement or action is pursuant to specific instructions of the committee.

Standard Committee Agenda
  1. Call to Order
  2. Communications
  3. Administrative Report
  4. Standing/Special Committees
  5. Unfinished Business
  6. New Business
  7. Adjournment

Public Participation Policy

Meetings of the committee are public in the sense that they are held in public.  This does not mean they are public meetings in the same sense as a "town meeting".  There is no statutory requirement in Maine that the public normally be permitted to speak at committee meetings.  However, we welcome comments and concerns related to the matters under consideration by the committee within the guidelines listed below.

Therefore, the chair may provide an opportunity for public comment.  Please be aware of the following "ground rules":   

  • In the case of a large audience, speakers may be asked to sign up before the meeting, so they may be called on most expediently.        
  • Anyone with a legitimate interest in the committee's business may speak.  Employees or employee groups will not be permitted to discuss matters for which other, more appropriate forums are provided.  
  • All speakers are asked to identify themselves.  Gossip, defamatory comments, or abusive or vulgar language will not be permitted.       
  • Speakers must address all comments and questions to the Chair.  
  • Comments will be heard and considered.  Generally, the committee does not discuss or act on an item not on the agenda.  
  • No complaints or allegations will be allowed in public concerning any staff member or person connected to the school system.    
  • Speakers are asked not to be repetitious of comments already made to the committee, in the interest of the most efficient use of time.  
  • The primary purpose of the meeting is for the committee to conduct its business as charged by law.  Spontaneous discussion, as well as disorder and disruption, prevent the committee from doing its work and will not be permitted.    
  • The chair has the final and exclusive authority to regulate the length or topic of public comment in the interest of allowing the School Committee to complete its agenda.   

Last Modified: Nov 09, 2016
The Gorham schools are committed to the belief that all of our students will find success in school